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Here we share some recent articles / talks / films / books / experiences that evoked and provoked our thinking on leadership.

  • We always relish Margaret Heffernan's insights - this recent talk is a refreshing as always - about the leadership role in keeping the organisation relevant and up-to-date: The Voice of Leadership


  • Within the EB community, we are committed to providing leadership development that 'sticks' - that really does enable lasting growth and change. This article affirms the relevance and impact of our approach. We develop leadership through interventions that are experiential, with a focus on 'being' not 'doing', with consideration of the wider systems, and our faculty have experience and skill as guides on the leadership journey. Developing Leaders

Share with us, and with the EB community, what you have seen, heard and experienced, that has relevance for "Balanced Leadership"

What's happening within EB

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Leadership in a Changing World

We are buzzing after our concluding workshop on Leadership in a Changing World, with senior leaders from the County Sports Partnership Network – event 5 of our far-reaching leadership development programme with the wonderful second cohort. 

The final stage is now underway as they engage with colleagues and stakeholders through the Relational 360FF process and create their agenda for continuing to learn and develop.

It has been an amazing opportunity to meet, bond with and learn from some really special individuals. It has challenged my own thinking and practices and made me step out of my comfort zone regularly, both on the course and back in work.

Dr Sue Congram's latest writing

Sue has contributed a thoughtful and informative chapter on 'Working with the Imaginal Field' to the recently published book 'Contact and Context: New directions in Gestalt Coaching'.  Copies are available from Amazon.

“This book is a welcome contribution to the coaching literature. It provides a full appreciation of the range of contributions from Gestalt Psychology to the field of coaching. Every coach will find something here that will both expand and deepen their thinking and their practice. This book emphasizes two core aspects that are central to quality coaching – how we turn up (our presence as a coach) and how we attend to the context in which the work is happening.”
— Peter Hawkins

EB Qualities of Practice

Upcoming open programmes

We will be running two Practitioners' Professional Development (PPD) workshops.  These are for experienced leadership consultants, coaches and facilitators - internal and external enablers of leadership development.

Join us to learn the underpinnings of EB's Fresh Approach and gain an understanding of the processes and tools at the heart of this work. 

  • Bristol, England: 21-22 November 2017

NB: If you are interested to have a programme run in your location, let us know and we will look at how we might support you in gathering a group together to make that happen.