ILLUMINATING women in leadership


Progressive and impactful programmes to fully harness the strengths of women

Enriching and broadening the organisation's leadership


We have a passion for the creation of more ‘space and place’ for women in the leadership of their organisations. 

We enable women to develop their leadership in a way that is authentic for them and attuned to the environments in which they work.  

For our specialist work with women in leadership, we partner with The Leaderful Women Project*, offering a range of stimulating and impactful leadership development options, tailored for women, designed for maximum organisational benefit.

What is being Leaderful?
It is what happens everyday, how you act in each moment, in a wide range of different situations. It’s about being present, being aware and reflective of yourself and others, taking initiatives, taking ideas forward, being choiceful.
It is bringing out the best in yourself and in others.
— Director, EB

Leaderful Women PODS

We offer women-only POD programmes as a specially tailored version of our Leadership Learning PODS.

The Leaderful Women PODS have a focus on the cultural and personal challenges that women in particular meet as they progress in leadership. 

  • Supporting talented women in achieving their full leadership reach and impact
  • Working with the hidden dynamics and deep assumptions that play out in teams and groups.
  • Strengthening personal authority, power and identity
  • Illuminating qualities that may have become eclipsed
  • Developing the art of presence and political acumen
  • Overcoming the deeply held cultural patterns that can unknowingly hold women back.
  • Equipping women to become role models for the change they want to create
  • influencing the leadership culture of the organisation towards becoming more inclusive.

Leadership Development Programme for Women

We offer a modular leadership development programme for women at key transition points into increasingly senior roles.

The design is tailored to your needs. Elements can include:

  • Workshop-based learning
  • Individual coaching support
  • Leadership-in-Practice Groups
  • The Relational 360FF
  • Mentoring schemes 

The blend of face-to-face and virtual work is adaptable to geographical needs

 This innovative programme has the aim of equipping women leaders to develop and bring into play all of their authentic leadership capacity, for the benefit of themselves and the organisation.  It deploys leading-edge design to enable participants to deepen their self-understanding and to fully engage their strategising and relational skills in dealing with the dilemmas and challenges of their work.  We equip them to role model balanced leadership, to extend the impact from the learning, upward and outwards as well as downwards - shaping their leadership culture so that both women and men have space to flourish in their organisations.


I just want to say a massive thank you for the latest workshop it was brilliant. What a powerful yet gentle way to get us to look at our leadership qualities. It has already made a difference to me
— Division Head, Media Sector


* The Leaderful Women Project is an exciting and forward-thinking, not-for-profit venture that specialises in providing organisations with the knowledge and learning to strengthen the presence and capacity of women in their leadership culture.  Through the ongoing research undertaken by the project, they continue to grow a breadth and depth of understanding.  The Leaderful Women approach is inclusive, moving beyond gender difference towards valuing a wide range of Qualities of Practice in leadership - that both men and women alike can bring into play.