EB Centre for Developing Leadership

Progressive leaders are looking wider, reaching deeper, and seeking to achieve more. 

They know that being successful in our expanded, connected, vibrant world, requires leadership practices that not only keep pace, but that create the future. 



The challenge may be creating culture change; or optimising the performance of your leadership team; or providing meaningful and impactful development programmes for your leaders; or deepening your personal leadership.  Whichever it is, our clients understand that the core work of leadership is creating the conditions for success - with and through the other people involved.

The EB Centre has developed a distinctive range of powerful processes and tools which enable you to be successful in your leadership.  Explore what they can offer you.

Qualities of Practice

A powerful, simple and insightful process for exploring and expanding leadership qualities within individuals, teams and organisations

 Relational 360FF

A truly generative and growth-focused 360 which puts understanding self and relating with others at the heart of leadership


Leadership learning PODS

Small groups, big themes, deep learning      and real-time relevance - equipping leaders with a capacity for lifelong growth

“As partners, EB have proved exceptional from the outset. They have listened to us, challenged us and guided us through a highly successful programme of leadership development
— Head of L&D

Enjoy your visit to the EB website.*  You will get an enticing flavour of what we do and a clear sense of our energy and commitment to creating authentic and relevant leadership development experiences.

With your curiosity awakened, contact us to discuss how we can help your leadership create the conditions for success.


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